Digital Asset Management.

Keeping track of Domain Names, Servers and Hosting Packages can be a time consuming, but never the less essential part of any business. We often discover that clients have fragmented digital assets, having registered or acquired domains through various different channels.

This can make renewals, updates or urgent changes unnecessarily complex. We provide a full management service for our clients, consolidating their online assets into a single account. We take care of all renewals, leaving us as a single point of contact for any changes or queries that arise.

Web Design and Development.

Professionally crafted websites built around you

We’re a West Midlands based web design and development agency specialising in stylish, affordable, user friendly and responsive websites.

At AkaalTec, our experienced designers, developers and project managers produce high-quality, reliable, secure and effective websites that do exactly what you want them to do – whether that’s generate to sales leads, attract new customers, sell products, provide information or promote a service or a cause.

Websites are designed from the ground up and hand-coded by our developers to meet high standards of accessibility, usability and security. All website use responsive design and are unique so they render beautifully on smartphones, tablets and desktop computer screens.

We cater for small, medium and large business and offer support you at every stage of the development process, from site mapping to design and content publishing.  To make sure you are found in the search engines for your brand, product or service we also provide search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media integration. Our sites consistently rank highly in Google and other search engines.

If your business has specific functional needs we can also provide bespoke web-based applications.


Boost your search engine rankings

Your website will only be successful if people can find it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the technique we use to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines – helping your website to reach its target audience. We consider SEO at every stage of development, from the initial proposal to the final launch of your site. Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can also play an important part in your SEO strategy, and we can integrate these into your website to extend the reach of your business.


Cloud Computing Services means any digital service that is delivered from a remotely hosted server or platform. Applications, tools and services are accessed on-demand via the Internet instead of from on-site servers or your hard drive. This could be software applications, storage, VoIP or even server infrastructure itself.

If you need more computing or storage capacity in your data center but capital expense is an issue, then a public cloud computing service provides a nice option. You get on-demand IT resources that are infinitely scalable and you pay for what you use.


Every business should implement a reliable backup system to automatically backup data to their file servers. In addition, businesses should implement a secondary backup plan when disasters or major interruptions happen, and a significant portion of the employees are forced to work from home in response to current events.

Businesses often have a multitude of back-up systems incompatible with each other, meaning when a back-up is needed for swift business continuity planning, it takes a long time to manage the process – which is potentially expensive and damaging for the business, not least in terms of the company’s reputation. AkaalTec can advise and help your business set up disaster recovery strategies to ensure security and safety for your data and keep your business running smoothly in the event of a disaster.



If you need more computing or storage capacity in your data center but capital expense is an issue, then a public cloud computing service provides a nice option. You get on-demand IT resources that are infinitely scalable and you pay for what you use.


With our Managed IT & Website Support packages, you can benefit from access to everything your business needs to maintain an efficient IT infrastructure and productive end users.




“Top web services from AkaalTec. Site was designed from the ground up. Professional and efficient service will use again! ”

Jenny Smith, Theme Fusion

Great support for local businesses

We were looking for a web design company that we could talk to in plain English and who would understand what we needed. As professionals ourselves, we understand the need for a good website that shows potential customers what we can offer them, but had little idea how to achieve our ultimate goal. After our first meeting, we knew we had made a great choice AkaalTec.

Hannah Vermont, Theme Fusion